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Step Chan

  • MSc in Forensic Psychology, UK

  • DvT (Level 1) Practitioner, Institute for Developmental Transformations, US

  • Drama Therapy Trainee of North America Drama Therapy Association

  • Student member of Hong Kong Drama Therapy Association

Step is a DvT (Level 1) Practitioner recognized by the Institute for Developmental Transformations (US), and currently in the advanced DvT training programme led by one of the Institute Director Randy McCommons. She is also a trainee of the North America Drama Therapy Association (NADTA). Step believed in the power of story, as well as the wonders in embodied play and dramatic improvisation. She practises in school/NGO settings to support people in emotional distress, and works with parents and teachers to explore better ways in nurturing their children.

Empty Classroom

Drama is impactful and sometimes presents ambivalence that allows one to integrate multiple perspectives, to rehearse spontaneous actions, and to experiment different possibilities non-judgmentally. Through dramatic improvisation and embodied play, I have had playful, creative and transformative encounters that engage my injured inner child and my own dementors. 

The body keeps the traumatic score, and yet with every breath, step and transformation in drama and play we shed new light and hope into our body cells.

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