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A creatives art center that promotes holistic health

The concept of Artzwell comes from Art is well. We can heal in art and regain their health. Arzt in German means a physician. This is in line with our group of creative arts therapists to heal people's physical and mental pain through a diversity of arts modalities. 

Artzwell aims to promote personal and family growth, stimulate inner creative potential and resources, achieve self-awakening, physical and mental healing, improve immunity and improve health. 

Services include individual and family therapy, creative arts therapy groups/workshops, self-care programs, staff training, staff retreat and clinical supervision.

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Our Establishment

Dr. Patricia Poon, a clinical oncologist, Mr. Alan Ng, the founder of, and Dr. Fiona Chang, a registered expression arts therapist, founded Artzwell in November 2021.


Our team comprises of professional art therapists, expressive arts therapists, music therapists, drama therapists, dance and movement therapists. We are hoping that you all can enjoy the healing power of creative art and improve physical and mental health.

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