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Interplay between
Rationality and Sensibility

Once diagnosed with cancer, not only the body pain, but also the ups and downs of the mood of oneself and family members, Dr. Patricia Poon, Specialist in Clinical Oncology, said: "The road to cancer treatment and rehabilitation is very long. The relationship between me and the patient is a long-term partnership. The patient's emotions and fighting spirit are very important, so I think doctors are a job that combines rationality and sensibility. "

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The Second Edition -
Expression . Arts . Therapy


A practical overview of the theory and practice of expressive arts therapy, including practical activity ideas, experience sharing, case stories and reflections. It is also the author’s application diary about expressive arts practice and a must-read reference for local practitioners.


Published by: Art in the Hospital

Price: HK$300

(Limited Edition with Fine Color Printing)

Expressive arts therapists facilitate clients to explore the inner and outer worlds and open their hearts through the multiple arts, such as painting and dancing.

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Art is the real healer.

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