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Indvidual/Family Therapy

Needs/ Expectations

The process and objectives of a therapy session may include: 

-  express thoughts and emotions which words cannot articulate;

- enhancing sense of control; 

- developing emotional flexibility;  

- explore ways of self-care via arts; 

- alleivate acute and chronic stress;

- bringing positive changes in interpersonal relationships.


No prior arts experience required. Having curiou non-judgemental and open heart will help you engage in the creative arts therapy process.

Session Time

Therapist will decide with you about the times, fees and no. of sessions, usually each session lasts from 50-90 minutes. A minimum of 4 sessions is strongly advised.

Creative Arts Therapies


  • Art therapy

  • Dance and Movement therapy

  • Drama therapy

  • Expressive Arts therapy

  • Music therapy

We provide psychotherapy sessions using different arts modalities.  You can enhance and improve physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health through a therapeutic relationship. 


Fee ranges from 800-1200 HKD per hour, and varies according to therapist’s clinical experience & the required time.

Arranging an Individual or Family Session

After filling in the Artzwell online form, we will arrange the therapist and time for you.  

Therapist will contact you before the initial session to learn about your needs and expectations.

Individual / Family will meet the therapist face-to-face on a regular basis.   

In addition to physical sessions, we also offer online therapy sessions upon mutual agreement. It is strongly advised that the session can take place in a private space.

Re-Schedule/ Cancel Appointment Policy

We respectfully request a 24-hour notice for appointments re-scheduling or cancellation.

Short notice or absence without reason will incur a fee of 50% of the service fee.

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Make an Appointment

We're here for you. Let's grow and glow through the arts. 

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Privacy Policy Statement*

The personal data you provide to Artzwell are treated confidentially in accordance with the "Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance". Unless the data subject's consent is obtained in advance, such personal data can only be used, disclosed or referred to in accordance with the purpose of collecting the data or when permitted by the aforementioned regulations. According to the "Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance", anyone has the right to request access to or correction of personal data that has been provided to this center.

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