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Hugo Wong

  • MA in Music Therapy, Anglia Ruskin University, UK

  • Registered Arts (music) Therapist, Health and Care Profession Council, UK

  • Member of British Association of music therapy & Hong Kong Music Therapy Association

  • Member of European Assoication of Music & Imagery

Currently practicing in Hong Kong as a HCPC (UK) registered music therapist.  Hugo has experience working with clients who suffer from trauma (bereavement & domestic violence), anxiety, depression, elderly person disorders, mental illness, learning disabilities, relational issues, special needs and their carers.  He also offers self-care, experiential music therapy workshops for different organisations to promote music therapy and support well being.

While talking can gain insights, Hugo believes the power of music can add another layer of understanding to self and others, enables a safer space to reach emotion that words alone cannot, thus have a greater range of expression.

Music Sheets

"Music is life itself." --Louis Armstrong

Music is with us since our birth. Straight forward as breathing, laughing, crying, a birthday song, or complicated as a movie sound track or a movement in a symphony.


Music helps to emanate emotions that cannot be fully expressed by words. The musical notes and rhythm give a new dimension for celebration, grief, hope or simply a memory marking our existence.

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