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Emily Yeung

  • UK-registered Music Therapist (HCPC & BAMT, UK)

  • Chairman of Hong Kong Music Therapy Association

Emily obtained a Master of Arts in Music Therapy with Distinction from Roehampton University in the United Kingdom. She was the Art 's' Work Programme Officer of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, responsible for training young people to use arts for community services, and providing supervision. She is currently the Chairman of Hong Kong Music Therapy Association, leading the development of the body into a self-voluntary professional regulatory body. 
In her six years of work as a professional music therapist in Hong Kong, she has served in different social welfare organizations and schools in Hong Kong, the work including: leading music therapy groups, individual music psychotherapy services, music therapy staff training experience, and adult stress relief workshops. ‘Where word fails, music speaks.’ is Emily’s guiding motto in her work with people across the lifespan. 

Book of Chords

The effect on the inexpressible depth of music in our heart is always profound, as if having a dialogue with the naked and true Self. When I was little, I was always fascinated by the scene of the teacher playing piano, and I could never forget the joy of my fingers bouncing on the keys for the first time. Being a passionate Classical music lover myself, I’d like to imagine Debussy doing a colourful painting on the musical canva; or Beethoven expressing his struggles with the hardships of life. "Where words fail, music speaks" is the belief that has always guided my work. Difficult times trigger complex emotions, and when all words seem pale, music can still be one’s companion and bring along the possibility of transformation.

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