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Eddie Yu

  • Qualified Drama Therapy Supervisor, UK

  • Registered Drama Therapist, UK & USA,

  • Registered Psychodrama Psychotherapist, UK,

  • Certified Social Work Supervisor (Level 3) & Registered Social Worker, HK,

  • Leadership Graduate & Accredited Trainer, Centre for Playback Theatre, USA

  • Founder & co-Artistic Director, Encounter Playback Theatre,

  • School of Playback Theatre (Hong Kong) Co-Director & (Japan) Trainer

  • Co-Training Director, DvTi (Developmental Transformations Institute) Hong Kong, Trainer & Supervisor, DvTi Shen Zhen and DvTi Taiwan


Eddie has been promoting Psychodrama Psychotherapy, Drama Therapy, Playback Theatre, Forum Theatre/Theatre of the Oppressed, and Use of Drama by collaborating with universities, schools, NGOs, hospitals and private sectors by planning and offering training, team building, consultation, supervision and workshop locally and internationally. He currently works as a Clinical Supervisor at The Social of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong; and as an Honorary Lecturer and Placement/ Practicum Supervisor at the Department of Social Work & Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong. He has practice with strong interest in working with people with trauma, palliative care, bereavement and mental health needs.

Shadow Show

I love working with people and believe in the power of drama and creativity to change lives. Learn to be honest, humble, curious and trustworthy to walk with people in this chaotic and challenging world.

I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to get in touch with drama since I was a child, and let different selves be explored through roles and be seen on the stage. I hope everyone can find companionship, acceptance, and a sense of humor in drama and creativity.

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