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Jasmine Lam

  • Registered Art Psychotherapist, Health & Care Professions Council (U.K.)

  • Professional Member, Hong Kong Association of Art Therapists

  • Full Member, British Association of Art Therapists 

  • Master of Arts in Art Therapy, University of Hertfordshire, U.K.

Jasmine is a qualified Art Psychotherapist registered in the U.K. She has art therapy experience supporting children, teenagers, parents, and the elderly with various emotional issues in schools and social service organizations in both U.K. and Hong Kong. She values the importance of a safe and non-judgmental space to guide individuals through their self-discovery journey through artmaking. 

With working experience in a local cancer care organization, Jasmine believes the healing power of art in supporting the emotional needs of individuals suffered from cancer at different stages of their cancer journey. 


There are endless possibilities on the path to healing. As we engage in the mindful process of artmaking in therapy, we slowly allow ourselves to pluck up the courage to face our inner fears as well as every part of ourselves. Be it a 2D, a 3D piece, or simply an exploration process without a finished product, it is a journey of being in the here and now which plants a seed for transformation to take place.


On this self-discovery journey, I’ll be your humble witness as you get in touch with yourselves and feel the true essence of your beings.

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